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Visit Tom & Eddie's During the menu development stage, Tom & Eddie's served 1,200 entrees and 3,300 menu items to taste testers over the course of eight weeks at the Culinary Arts Program, at College of DuPage in Glen Ellyn.

Visit Tom & Eddie's Extra wide straws (Pipeline to Flavor) had to be ordered because of the thickness of the shakes. Each uses Häagen-Dazs® ice cream – hand-dipped, stirred and blended with whole fruit and premium syrups.

Visit Tom & Eddie's The four existing Tom & Eddie’s locations have already donated more than $50,000 to local charities. In addition, Tom & Eddie’s has a no-tipping policy. Any tips left on a table are collected and donated to a local charity.

Visit Tom & Eddie's Tom & Eddie’s uses lots and lots (and lots!) of Häagen-Dazs ice cream for its shakes, floats and ice cream sandwiches: more than 1,475 gallons since the inaugural restaurant (Lombard) opened in August, 2010. Projected for 2011, that number will rise to more than 5,000 gallons.

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Boylan’s Natural Soda

Boylan Black Cherry    Well over two years ago, Tom & Eddie’s selected Boylan’s all natural soda pops and root beer for its soda dispensers. Coke and coke products are dispensed, too, but customers are getting a kick out of Boylan’s old-fashioned and full bodied flavors in creamy red birch beer, creme soda, black cherry, orange, root beer, and diet root beer.

    And guess what? Boylan’s all natural sodas are made without high-fructose corn syrup, artificial colors or dyes. Pure cane sugar is used instead. This natural product enhances the true flavor rather than leave a syrupy aftertaste. In addition, Boylan’s uses the most expensive extracts to create the exceptionally rich flavors.

    Family owned and operated, Boylan Bottling Co. has been formulating and producing bold flavored beverages from original recipes since 1891. You see, most bottlers compromised their original recipes and cut costs by switching to high-fructose corn syrup. Not Boylan.

    As an example of what it takes to produce the very best, Boylan created a whopping 283 variations of the creme soda formula before it came up with the current product. And its root beer is described as “a more traditional tasting product with a rich and spicy sassafras flavor”.

    Customers can always count of Tom & Ed to find the best products, and they sure did with Boylan. If you haven’t tried this line of sodas, please do. Currently black cherry is the leader of the pack. Bottoms up!